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Albacore tuna sahimi, buttermilk dressing, wasabi espuma, ginger jelly

Gluten free, Salmon and tuna, Vegetables and Fruits

In the spirit of "bistro" cuisine, here's a recipe worthy of the finest places.


You can cook this dish with all kinds of white fish, sea bass, bream...


Recipe for 4


400 Gr
Albacore tuna loin


100 Ml
30 Gr
Sour cream
5 Gr
Sriracha sauce
20 Gr
Poppy seeds

Soya and Yuzu sauce

140 Ml
Soy sauce
5 Ml
Yuzu juice
15 Ml

Wasabi foam

250 Ml
35% whipping cream
100 Ml
10 Gr
Wasabi powder

Ginger jelly

100 Gr
Fresh ginger
125 Ml
50 Gr
3 Gr


4 Sprig(s)
Pea sprouts

Preparation time: 45.00 min

  • Prep

    Clean the peas sprouts.

    Chop the ginger.

  • Tuna sashimi

    Keep the tuna on a container filled with ice.
    Slice the tuna (3 to 4 mm) against the fibre.

    Put aside in the fridge.

  • Ginger jelly

    In a pot, mix the ginger with water, sugar and agar-agar.

    Bring to a boil while mixing to dissolve the agar-agar and keep boiling for a minute.

    Pour in a container and put aside in the fridge. The mix should jelly under 70°C.

    Once cool, cut in small pieces and blend. Pour in a pipette.

  • Wasabi foam

    Bring to boil milk and wasabi powder. Whisk to dissolve the powder.

    Remove from heat and add the 35% cream. Pass threw a fine mesh sieve and pour in a siphon.

    Add 2 gas cartridge, lay down the bottle in the fridge and let aside for 3 hours.

    Shake well the siphon before using.

  • Dressing

    Mix together the ingredients with a whisk without the poppy seeds.

  • Soya and yuzu sauce

    Mix the ingredients and pour in a pipette,

  • Plating and garnish

    Dip the tuna slices in the dressing and place them in a plate.

    Sprinkle with poppy seeds and garnish with few drops of ginger jelly around and soya sauce on the fish.

    Add 3 balls of wasabi foam.

    Season with fleur de sel

    Garnish with young peas sprouts and serve.

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You can cook this dish with all kinds of white fish, sea bass, bream...

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