mussels with a creamy white wine sauce and country bread

Gluten free, Fish, Seafood & Shellfish

A savory recipe filled with comfort and flavors.


Recipe for 4


1 Kg
Fresh mussels
2 Unit(s)
2 Clove(s)
150 Ml
White wine
100 Ml
Cream 35%
2 Unit(s)
Egg yolk
10 Leaf(ves)

Country bread

4 Slice(s)
Country bread
30 Ml
Olive oil
2 Clove(s)
  • Salt and pepper

Preparation time: 20 min

Preheat your Oven at 400 °F

  • Mise-en-place

    Clean the mussels and cover them with cold water for 2mins. Trash away the mussels that aren't closing themselves back. 

    Chop the shallots.

    Same goes for the garlic & the parsley.

  • Mussels

    In a medium stewpot with vegetable oil and a knob of butter, slowly cook for 2mins the shallots, the garlic and the parsley, altogether. 

    Then add the white wine and bring to a boil right before adding in the mussels. Cover.

    After 5mins, lower down the heat, shell all the mussels out of the stewpot and reserve.

    With the remaining sauce, let it all reduce and off the heat, mix the cream & the egg yolks together and then put those two back in the sauce.

    On low heat wait for everything to thicken up and once ready, add the reserved mollusc.

  • Bread

    Lay all the bread on a cooking tray covered with whether a silpat or a parchment paper. Brush them all generously with olive oil and cook them in the oven for 8mins at 400F or until golden brown.

The thickness of the sauce is key here, as it will help you out to push all the flavors up and also, this is a classic technique (to smooth out any cream-based sauce with an egg yolk), to master.

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