Oyster, mignonette

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A classic oyster preparation: salt, acidity and flavor from the shallots.


Recipe for 4 persons

Oyster mignonette

24 Unit(s)
6 Large
French shallot
100 Ml
Red wine vinegar
100 Ml
Raspberry vinegar
20 Gr

Preparation time: 20 min

  • Mignonette

    Finely mince the shallots.

    In a sauce pot, place the salt, pepper, sugar and both vinegars.   Heat until everything is dissolved, remove from heat and add the shallots.

    Let cool at room temperature.

  • Finishing touches

    Open the oysters, remove the first water and garnish with a small spoon of mignonette.  All that is left is to enjoy!

The choice of oysters depends on your preference as well as the season and where you live.

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