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Veal saltimbocca with fresh mozzarella, sage and prosciutto

Veal, Vegetables and Fruits, Gluten free, Brunch

White wine sauce, veal and fresh mozza? Hands down greatness, right over here!


Recipe for 4


4 Unit(s)
Veal scallop
4 Slice(s)
4 Leaf(ves)
4 Slice(s)
Fresh mozzarella
4 Unit(s)

White wine sauce

1 Unit(s)
French shallot
150 Ml

Grilled vegetables

1 Unit(s)
Red pepper
1 Unit(s)
1 Cello
Button mushrooms
3 Sprig(s)
4 Clove(s)
Crushed garlic
  • Butter
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil

Preparation time: 45.00 min

Preheat your Oven at 400.00 °F

  • Mise-en-place

    Cut the zucchinis into macedoine.

    Hammer down the veal until very thin.

    Slice the prosciutto and the mozzarella.

    Mince the shallot.

    Empty the peppers and cut the mushrooms in quarters.

  • Saltimbocca

     In a hot pan, colour the Saltimbocca in vegetable oil and butter, on each of its sides. Reserve on a cooking tray.

    Put some prosciutto, some sage and a nice slice of mozzarella on them.

    With the help of a toothpick to hold them, fold and roll them nicely.

  • Sauce

    Cook the shallot with some butter, on medium high heat and once translucid, add in the Marsala to deglaze and let everything reduce and come together for a minute.

    Once the sauce thickened a little bit add in the Saltimbocca. Rectify.

  • Vegetables

    In a medium bowl mix in all the vegetables with the olive oil and the condiments.

    Toss everything in the oven at 400F, for 20-25mins.

  • Plating

    On a plate, dress the vegetables, the Saltimbocca and then pour generously the sauce all over.

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