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Slow cooked octopus, chorizo slices, fingerling potatoes with fleur de sel, green salsa, granny smith

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Different flavours and cooking techniques come together to bring you a dish easy to make that will give your guests something to remember.

Depending on the quantities, this dish can be served as a starter or a main.


Recipe for 4

Salsa verde

50 Gr
15 Gr
40 Gr
45 Gr
Flat parsley
145 Ml
Olive oil
0.25 Tsp
Cumin powder
0.25 Tsp
Ground coriander
1 Unit(s)
Lemon juice
1 Tbsp


1.15 Kg
1 Dash
Olive oil
0.50 Unit(s)
1 Sprig(s)
0.50 Sprig(s)
1 Gr
Coriander seeds
1 Gr
Cumin seeds
0.25 Tsp
Chili flakes
0.50 Tsp
Black peppercorns
2 Leaf(ves)
Bay leaf
2 Pinch(es)
Fleur de sel

Fingerling potatoes

20 Unit(s)
Fingerling potatoes
2 Sprig(s)
6 Sprig(s)
3 Clove(s)
Crushed garlic
4 Pinch(es)
Coarse salt
100 Gr
Spanish chorizo

Last touch

4 Pinch(es)
Micro mesclun
1 Unit(s)
Granny smith apple
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil

Preparation time: 60.00 min

Preheat your at 0.00 °F

  • Salsa verde

    Place all the ingredients in a blender, mix to a paste then sieve.

  • Octopus

    In a vacuum seal bag, put the octopus then add the olive oil, the lemon, the peppercorns, the salt, the thyme, the rosemary, the bay leaves and the spices.

    1/Place the octopus in a 77°C (170.6°F) water bath for 5 hours.

    2/You can also boil it (make sure the water is salted) for 50 minutes with an onion, a celery stalk, a red pepper, some parsley and some peppercorns.

    Use a knife to make sure it's cooked through.

    Place the tentacles under cold water (this is optional if you wanna keep them warm) to remove the skin.


  • Potatoes

    Fingerling potatoes

    In a pan, put all the ingredients, cover with cold water.

    Bring to a boil and make sure the potatoes are cooked through using a knife.

    Peel the potatoes while they're hot, it will be easier. Then slice them (thickness of 5 mm)


    Slice the chorizo, fry them quickly in a hot pan and remove onto some kitchen paper.

  • Plating and last touch

    Make a mini brunoise (small dice) with apples just before serving.

    Spread the salsa verde on the plate.

    Then place on it some potato slices, add the octopus and the chorizo slices.

    Put here and there some apple dice.

    Finish with a drizzle of olive oil, some fleur de sel and fresh ground pepper.

    Finally, sprinkle some sprouts.

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Cooking technique in a pan

2/ If the octopus is whole, slice off the head and the beak, do not tear apart the tentacles. Once the salted water is boiling, hold the octopus by the body.

Put it under water (without droping it) for 5 to 10 seconds and take it out. Do that again 3 or 4 times, this will tenderize the flesh and it will get used to the heat. Then drop it completely and add the garnish.

You can also grill the octopus once you poached it.

If you wanna serve it as a starter, just make smaller portions.

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