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chicken tajine with pears and figs

Gluten free, Vegetables and Fruits, Poultry


Recipe for 4


8 Unit(s)
Chicken wings
2 Unit(s)
6 Unit(s)
1 Bunch
1 Tsp
1 Tsp
Cinnamon powder
1 Stick(s)
1 Tsp
Ground ginger
10 Pistil
Saffron pistil
150 Gr
Dry figs
1 Dash
Olive oil
1 Dash
Canola oil
2 Tbsp
100 Gr
Tamari almonds
  • Salt and pepper

Preparation time: 45.00 min

  • Prep

    Toast the almonds in a hot oven for 5 to 6 minutes, careful not to color them too much.

  • Process

    In a large pot, sweat the finely chopped onions for 5 minutes. Add the chicken thighs and brown them. Add the turmeric, the ginger, the cinnamon stick, the safron and salt and pepper to taste.

    Cover the meat with 2 cups of water and add the whole coriander bouquet.

    Peel the pears and cut them in four lenghtwise. Put them in water to avoid oxidation.

    When the chicken thighs are half cooked, add the pears and cook for an other 30 minutes. The sauce must be reduced and smooth. If its not, remove the lid and leave to reduce.

    In an other pan, put the dried figs, add olive oil, sugar, ground cinnamon, half a cup of water and bring to a boil. Cook on a low heat until caramelised.

    Place the chicken thighs in a tajine dish, place some pears here and there and caramelised figs on the top, add the sauce and sprinkle some almonds. Serve immediately with some bread.

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