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Niçoise socca crêpe, fresh herbs and spinach


Socca crêpes, a specialty from south east France, is a thick fresh herb crêpe.



Recipe for 12 Tapas


125 Gr
Chick peas flour
250 Ml
2.50 Tbsp
Olive oil
12 Sprig(s)
5 Tbsp
Cooked spinaches

Preparation time: 60.00 min

  • Socca crepe

    In a mixing bowl, place the chick flour and make a well in the center with your fingers.

    Gradually pour the water in the center and mix with your fingers as your pour.

    Once the water is completely absorbed add the olive oil.  Let it rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

    Next, add the herb and spinach.  In a hot skillet with oil or butter, place your ring molds.  Pour the crêpe mix in the ring molds to about 5mm thickness.

    Once well cooked on the first side, remove the ring mold, flip and finish cooking the other side.

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