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White bread (baguette)

Biscuit Dough


Recipe for 12


350 Ml
5 Gr
Dry yeast
300 Gr
Wheat flour

White bread

500 Ml
12 Gr
Dry yeast
280 Gr
800 Gr
Wheat flour
20 Gr

Preparation time: 90.00 min

Preheat your Oven at 450.00 °F

  • Poolish

    Make this recipe 24 to 48h before the baguette dough.

    Mix all the ingredients following the order of the recipe.
    When the dough is nice and smooth, put aside in a large bowl and cover with saran wrap. Put aside in the fridge until the next day. 

    The fermentation process will start, you will only have to weigh the needed quantity later on.

  • Baguette dough

    Pour all the ingredients following the order of the recipe, mix at first speed.

    Once the dough starts to make a ball let turn for 2 minutes.

    Then increase the speed of your mixer. Once the dough is nice and smooth, you can stop.

    Oil a large bowl and pour the dough in it. Cover with saran wrap and let aside for 45 minutes. 

    Bring back the sides toward the center. Flip and let rise again for another 45 minutes.

    Then cut in portions.

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The poolish will bring acidity and color to the bread crumb,


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