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Little jar of italian marinated antipasti : artichoke, pearl onion, bocconcini and sage

Cheese, Vegetables and Fruits

Perfect for little appetizers


Recipe for 4 persons


100 Ml
White wine
100 Ml
100 Ml
White vinegar
1 Tsp
Pickling spices
2 Clove(s)

Little jar

4 Unit(s)
Artichoke heart
8 Unit(s)
Mini bocconcini
12 Unit(s)
Pearl onion
1 Unit(s)
4 Leaf(ves)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

Preparation time: 30 min

  • Prep

    Peel the onions and cut in halves.

    Cut the zucchini in slices and the artichokes in quarters.

    Chop the garlic.

  • Marinated vegetables

    Bring to a boil all the ingredients of the marinade and filter it. Pour the liquid when still hot on the vegetables. Let marinate for 30 minutes then pour in the little jars. Add the cheese and some olive oil before serving.

You can try other vegetables as well

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