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eggplant caviar on crostini, asian perfumed tuna tartare and fresh chives


A beautiful marriage of texture and flavours, simple yet elegant.


Recipe for 12 Tapas

Eggplant caviar

1 Unit(s)
1 Unit(s)
4 Clove(s)
1 Tbsp
3 Tbsp
Rice vinegar

Tuna tartar

480 Gr
Yellowfin tuna
5 Gr
Fresh ginger
15 Sprig(s)
1 Zest
1 Unit(s)
French shallot
1 Unit(s)
Granny smith apple
1 Dash
Olive oil
24 Leaf(ves)
Fresh cilantro


0.25 Unit(s)
3 Dash
Olive oil
4 Pinch(es)
Fleur de sel
5 Turn(s)
Fresh ground black pepper
  • Salt and pepper

Preparation time: 45.00 min

Preheat your Four at 400.00 °F

  • Preparation

    Cut thin slices of the bread to make the crostinis.

    Cut the eggplant in half, lengthwise.

  • Eggplant caviar

    Place the eggplant in the oven for 30 minutes or until tender.  With the help of a spoon remove the flesh from the skin.

    In a sauce pot with a knob of butter and oil, sweat the onions.  Add the garlic and eggplant flesh.  Add the miso and rice wine vinegar and cook for another minute or two.

    Set aside.  Once cooled adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper.

  • Tuna tartar

    Cut the tuna in small cubes making sure to remove the white membrane as it can be quite chewy.  Zest and juice the lime.  Cut the apple in small cubes and drizzle with lime juice to avoid them turning brown.  Grate the ginger.  Finely mince the shallots and chives.  In a mixing bowl, combine all of the ingredients, add a drizzle of olive oil and season to taste.

    Set aside in the fridge until ready to serve.

  • Crostini

    Lay the bread slices on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Bake in the oven for 5 minutes or so or until nice and golden.

  • Plating

    Count 2 crostinis per person.

    Spread a nice helping of the eggplant preparation on each crostini and then top with the tuna tartar.  Garnish with a cillantro leaf.

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