Potatoes and seasonal vegetables cooked on a plancha

Appetizers, Vegetables and Fruits

A mix of new potatoes and vegetables all cooked on the plancha:  asparagus, zucchini, carrots, beets, beans...  All made better with fresh herbs and garlic flowers.


Recipe for 4 persons


12 Unit(s)
Green asparagus
1 Unit(s)
4 Unit(s)
Nantaise carrot
4 Unit(s)
Yellow beet
1 Handful(s)
Green beans
2 Unit(s)
Garlic flower


12 Unit(s)
Fingerling potatoes
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt and pepper

Preparation time: 45 min

Preheat your plancha at 400 °F

  • Preparation

    Cook the potatoes in salted boiling water for 10 minutes.  They should be cooked to 90%, leaving a slight crunch.  Peel and cut the rest of the vegetables to roughly the same size.  Chop the fresh herbs and garlic flowers.

  • Plancha

    In a mixing bowl, combine the potatoes and vegetables with a thread of olive oil.  Transfer to the pre heated plancha and mix while cooking.  Add the fresh herbs and garlic flower at the last minute and serve immediately.

In order to make the preparation more interesting, feel free to cut the vegetables in different shapes or sizes.

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