Quiche "provencale", arugula, grated cheese, lemon zest, anchovy vinaigrette

Brunch, Cheese, Vegetables and Fruits

Classic tarte, consisting of an egg and cheese filling.

Mediterranean flavors, tastes of the sun.


Recipe for 4


2 Unit(s)
Italian tomatoes
100 Gr
Cooked ham
130 Gr
Gruyere cheese


500 Gr
Wheat flour
10 Gr
1 Unit(s)
30 Ml
Olive oil
160 Ml

Cooking mix (Migaine)

150 Gr
125 Ml
125 Ml
35% cooking cream
1 Tbsp
Provencal herbs

Salad and vinaigrette

4 Handful(s)
Arugula salad
2 Unit(s)
Anchovy fillet
0.50 Unit(s)
1 Tbsp
Dijon mustard
75 Ml
Vegetable oil
75 Ml
Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

Preparation time: 45 min

Preheat your Oven at 400 °F

  • Prep

    Wash and core the tomatoes. Slice into rounds.

    Grate the Gruyère, trim any excess fat from the ham, then cut in brunoise (small cubes)

  • Garnish

    Slice the tomatoes.

    Place the grated cheese in the bottom of the quiche, followed by the cubes of ham, then the sliced of tomatoes.

  • gfd

    In a bowl, mix the salt and the (sifted) flour.

    Make a volcano, creating a hole with your fingers, put the egg, olive oil, and water into the hole.

    Mix all without working the dough too much.

    Transfer your dough to a large flat surface, work it a little more until it's nice and uniform.

    Roll it into a ball, wrap it with saran wrap.

    Keep in the fridge at least 1 hour.

  • Cooking mix (migaine)

    Break the eggs into a bowl, beat them lightly with a whisk.

    Mix in the cream then the milk.

    Season the mixture with nutmeg, herbes de Provence, salt and pepper.

    Pour the mixture into the tarte up to the edges.

    Place the quiche in the oven for about 30 minutes

  • Salad and vinaigrette

    In a tall container, pour vegetable oil, olive oil, anchovies, mustard, salt and pepper.

    Use an imersion blender to mix well until you get a homogeneous vinaigrette.

    At the time of serving, toss the salad with the vinaigrette and add the lemon zest.

  • Dressing

    Place a slice of quiche on a round plate, add a little salad on the side, add some grated cheese on the salad.

When filling the quiche, always start by evenly spreading out the grated cheese on the base, this will allow the raw dough to better resist the liquid (Migaine) that you will pour over before cooking.

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