Jumbo shrimps grilled with lemon butter, grilled peppers, sweet & sour sauce

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Giant shrimps brushed with a salted butter with pepper, garlic and fresh lemon juice, grilled to perfection on the grill, served with a sweet and sour Asian sauce and roasted peppers.


Recipe for 4 persons

Giant grilled shrimp

16 Unit(s)
Jumbo shrimps
100 Gr
Salted butter
2 Clove(s)
1 Unit(s)
5 Gr
Freshly ground black pepper

Sweet and sour sauce

1 Unit(s)
French shallot
2 Unit(s)
50 Gr
Fresh ginger
50 Ml
Soy sauce
2 Unit(s)
4 Sprig(s)
2 Unit(s)
Green onion
300 Ml
100 Ml
50 Gr
Brown sugar
20 Gr
30 Ml
White vinegar

Grilled peppers

1 Unit(s)
Yellow pepper
1 Unit(s)
Red pepper
1 Unit(s)
Green pepper
10 Gr
Sea salt flakes
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil

Preparation time: 30 min

Preheat your BBQ at 450 °F

  • Preparation

    Peel and finely chop the garlic and ginger.

    Juice the lemon and lime.

    Dice the green onions and coriander.

    Peel and finely chop the shallots.

  • Giant grilled shrimp

    Melt the butter in a microwave or small sauce pot, then add the garlic, pepper and lemon juice.  Brush the shrimp with the composed butter and grill them on high for a few minutes on each side until they get a nice pink/orange color.

  • Sweet and sour sauce

    In a hot frying pan with a thread of oil sweat the shallots for 2-3 minutes, add the garlic and then deglaze with vinegar.  Add the brown sugar and caramelize for a few seconds.  Add the soy sauce and the ketchup and bring to a boil.

    In a separate bowl, combine the corn starch with cold water, then combine the corn starch mixture in the frying pan.  Reduce on low heat until you reach the desired consistency, check for seasoning and then set aside.

  • Grilled peppers
    Poke a few holes in the peppers with a fork, brush them lightly with oil, season with sea salt and then grill them, turning occasionally. Once cooked, place in a sealed container (to help with peeling). Peel and remove the seeds from the peppers and then cut them into thin strips (julienne).
  • Plating
    Make a pretty bed of grilled peppers in the center of the plate then place 4 shrimps on top and pour a nice helping of the sweet and sour sauce on top. Finish the plate with a few coriander leaves.

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  • Jumbo shrimps grilled with lemon butter, grilled peppers, sweet & sour sauce
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