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Foie gras creme brulée with caramelized apples and port sauce

TAPAS, Salted

In the same spirit as a crème brûlé but made with foie gras. This one is topped with caramelized apples and port caramel
Note To serve, add the cubed apples on top of the foie gras cream and top with the port caramel.


Recipe for Tapas

Foie gras cream

2 Unit(s)
Foie gras scallop
215 Ml
600 Ml
35% cooking cream
1 Unit(s)
5 Unit(s)
Egg yolk
15 Gr

Caramelized apples

2 Unit(s)
Golden delicious apple
45 Gr
30 Gr

Port caramel

125 Gr
100 Gr
Port wine
  • Salt and pepper

Preparation time: 25 min

  • Foie gras cream
    In a hot pan, sear the seasoned foie gras on both side.Add them to the blender with the cooking liquids, the cream and mix well.Pass the mixture through a fine mesh sleeve into a sauce pan. Add the sugar,egg yokes and mix thoroughly but not too much. (Make sure it doesn't foam up.)Heat the milk and pour on top of the mixture while whisking constantly ensuring the eggs don't curdle. Let the mixture cool in the fridge for a few hours before transferring in your cooking vessels and bake for 45 minutes. (cooking time will vary based on the size of the dishes.)
  • Caramelized apple brunoise
    Peel and core the apples. Make sliced approximately 3 or 4 mm thick. Lay them on the side and cut them in little matchsticks and then little cubes.In a hot pan, add the butter and sugar until it caramelizes. Add the apple cubes and mix thoroughly. Let the mixture cook for 10-15 seconds and remove to keep the apples crunchy.Keep this mixture at room temperature.
  • Port caramel
    Add the sugar to a pan with the heat set to medium. Keep a constant eye on the mixture as the sugar can burn quickly. Once the sugar turns into a nice blond caramel color, add the port and mix to cool the mixture down. Let it cook and reduce until it reaches a syrupy consistency.
To serve, add the cubed apples on top of the foie gras cream and top with the port caramel.

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