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Smoked paprika beef strogonoff, basmati rice, green peas and red onions |

Gluten free, Vegetables and Fruits, Risotto, Pasta and Rice, Beef

Slow cooked beef sirloin in a smoked paprika sauce with mushrooms, served with a red onion and pea basmati rice.


You could easily replace the rice by a different side.


Recipe for 4 portions

Beef Stroganoff

600 Gr
Boston cut beef
55 Gr
45 Ml
Olive oil
227 Gr
Button mushrooms
150 Gr
White onion
200 Gr
Red pepper
1 Unit(s)
Chopped garlic
50 Ml
100 Ml
Red wine
200 Ml
Chicken stock
200 Ml
35% cooking cream
1 Tsp
Smoked paprika
3 Sprig(s)
Flat parsley

Basmati rice

500 Ml
Basmati rice
750 Ml
0.50 Tsp
1 Unit(s)
Red onion
250 Ml
8 Sprig(s)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Vegetable oil
  • Olive oil

Preparation time: 30 min

  • Set up

    Slice the beef.  Rub the mushrooms with a wet cloth to clean, then slice them. Slice the onions and cut the peppers in juliennes. Chop the garlic. Blanch the peas in boiling salty water for about 6 minutes then cool them in ice bath. Chop the chives.

  • Beef Stroganoff

    In a large bowl, mix the sliced beef and the flour using your hands, then remove the excess of flour from the meat. In a hot frying pan, add a little bit of oil than stir-fry the beef for 3 to 4 minutes then remove the meat from the pan and save it on the side. In the same frying pan, stir fry the mushrooms and the peppers for a few minutes then put the beef back in, mix well and then sprinkle the smoked paprika over top and mix well again, than add the red wine and bring to boil. Add the chicken stock and the cream, then cook at medium temperature until you obtain a nice, smooth and creamy consistency.

  • Basmati rice

    Rinse the rice under running cold water until the water is clear, drain well than add it in a saucepan filled with the cold water and some salt. Bring to a boil than lower the heat and cover with a lid. Melt the butter in a fry pan than sweat the red onions in it, when lightly colored add the blanched peas and mix well, add the rice and chives than mix well.

  • Plating

    Put a ring mold in the center of a round plate than fill it with rice, place the meat and sauce around it making sure you keep the plate clean and finally garnish with a few parsley leaves.

You could easily replace the rice by a different side.

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