Duo of crunchy cream puffs, star anise pear brunoise, mascarpone whipped cream

Pastry choux filled with diced pears and mascarpone cream.


Recipe for 4 persons

For the choux

160 Gr
160 Gr
5 Gr
3 Gr
165 Gr
8 Gr
Vanilla extract
190 Gr
Wheat flour
315 Gr

Crunchy cookies

70 Gr
Softened butter
85 Gr
Brown sugar
85 Gr
Wheat flour

For the mascarpone cream

150 Gr
Mascarpone cheese
350 Gr
Cream 35%
2 Leaf(ves)
30 Gr
Icing sugar

For the poached pears

6 Unit(s)
1 Liter(s)
800 Gr
8 Unit(s)
Star anise
1 Unit(s)
Lemon juice
Duo of crunchy cream puffs, star anise pear brunoise, mascarpone whipped cream

Preparation time: 20 min

Preheat your Four at 400 °F

  • Preparation for the choux

    Remove the pan from the heat and add the flour. Mix with a wooden spoon vigorously until the mix is homogeneous. Place the pot back on the stove and cook the dough until it no longer feels wet when you touch it. (it should only feel buttery). Transfer to a bowl and let it cooldown for 5 minutes. Once it is cold enough (where you can leave your finger in it for 4 seconds) start adding the eggs two by two until you reach the desired consistency. Transfer the dough into a pastry bag with a round or star tip and make your choux into golf ball sized balls and cook in the oven immediately.

  • Crunchy cookies

    In a bowl, mix the butter until you get a creamy consistency. Add the brown sugar, then the flour and mix well. Put the dough aside in the fridge for 4 hours.
    Then spread the dough like a pie, gently, not thicker than 2mm. Put back in the fridge for another 40 minutes.
    Using a cookie cutter, cut some rounds. Then place them on the puff pastries before the cooking.

  • Preparation for the mascarpone cream

    In a saucepan, heat 200 g of cream. Rehydrate the gelatin in a large bowl of water that will ensure they properly dissolve later on. Add the mascarpone and mix well before adding the remaining cream. Refrigerate. When ready, whip the preparation like you would whip cream.

  • Preparation for the poached pears

    Cut the pears lengthwise and take the core out. Poach the pears in the syrup for approximately 20 minutes until they are tender. Cut them into small dice (brunoise).

To make this dessert even prettier, use a star tip on your pastry bag when pipping the filling.

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