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Surf and turf risotto with shrimp and pancetta

Mains, Risotto, Pasta and Rice

An unusual way to make a risotto.
L'idée déco The risotto is the kind of reciepe that you can change as many time as you want, so show yourself some inspiration.


Recipe for 4 persons

For the risotto

240 Gr
Arborio rice
160 Ml
White wine
1 Liter(s)
Vegetable stock
1 Unit(s)
White onion
3 Sprig(s)
1 Unit(s)
Yellow pepper
1 Unit(s)
Red pepper
16 Unit(s)
Peeled medium shrimps
120 Gr
2 Unit(s)
Italian tomatoes
2.50 Ml
100 Gr
Parmigiano reggiano
70 Ml
Cream 35%
8 Sprig(s)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

Preparation time: 45.00 min

  • For the preparations
    In a sauce pan warm the vegetable stock.Dice finelly the onions, the pepper, empty the tomatoes and dice it.Chop the tyme, dice the pancetta in small cubes.Shred the parmeggiano.Cut the cilantro leaves finelly.
  • For the risotto
    In a hot big pot with oliv oil, sweat the onions and the pepper.Add the rice and nacrer it with the tyme and the saffron.Cover the rice with the white wine and cook until complete absorbtion, cover with the stock and cook it until complete absorbtion, repeat it until the rice get cooked al dente.Lay the rice on a baking tray, and let it cool down a little bit.In another big pot on medium heat, sear the pancetta for 2 to 3 minutes, put the rice back, add the cream, the parmeggiano, and cook it until it gets hot.
  • For the platting
    Put salt and pepper on the shrimps, in a hot pan with vegetable oil, sear the shrimp one minute on both sides.In a bowl plate, put two nice spoons of risotto, 4 shrimps nicely on the top, and finish with the cilantro for the decoration.
The risotto is the kind of reciepe that you can change as many time as you want, so show yourself some inspiration.

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