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Simply Bubble 830

A fruity, sparkling and refresh drink with a fancy Bubble Gum hint...


Recipe for 1 Cocktail

For the Cocktail

4 Piece(s)
0.50 Oz
Bubble-gum syrup
0.50 Oz
Lemon juice
1 Oz
Cranberry/raspberry juice
1 Oz
Smirnoff vodka
1.50 Oz
Pink sparkling wine

For the bubble-gum syrup

2 Cup(s)
2 Cup(s)
White sugar
50 Gr
Tutti-frutti gum
  • Ice
  • For the cocktail
    In a shaker, put the strawberry pieces and pour the lemon juice and the syrups. Use a muddler to crush this mix and pour the others ingredients except the sparkling wine! Fill your shaker up with ice cubes and shake well for 8 to 10 seconds. Strain your cocktail out into a Champagne glass, fill it up with sparkling wine and stir gently.
  • For the bubble-gum syrup
    Bring the water and the sugar to a boil. On low heat, add the gums, let it simmer for ten minutes, stirring once in a while. Refrigerate for an hour. Strain it out before using it for your cocktails.

Cocktails glasses

    Method of preparation

      Put half a strawberry on the edge of your glass...

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