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Strawberries and basil shortcake, homemade vanilla chantilly cream |

Vegetarian, Cream, Biscuit Dough, Fruits

A classic that will be hard to share!


The temperature is just an indication. You might have to adjust it depending on the oven.



Recipe for 4 servings


60 Gr
1 Tsp
Baking powder
1 Pinch(es)
1 Unit(s)
Egg yolk
1 Unit(s)
Egg white
80 Gr
40 Gr
Softened butter
40 Ml
1 Tsp
Vanilla extract


12 Unit(s)
1 Tsp
White balsamic vinegar
1 Tbsp
Maple syrup
1 Tbsp
Olive oil
4 Leaf(ves)


125 Ml
35% whipping cream
20 Gr
Icing sugar
0.50 Tsp
Vanilla extract


4 Leaf(ves)
1 Tbsp
Icing sugar
Strawberries and basil shortcake, homemade vanilla chantilly cream |

Preparation time: 75 min

Preheat your Oven at 375 °F

  • Shortcake

     Preheat the oven to 180 ° C (375 ° F). Butter a 20-cm (8-inch) cake pan and line the bottom with parchment paper. Reserve.

    In a bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and salt. Reserve.

    In another bowl, beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Gradually add 125 ml (1/2 cup) of the sugar, whisking until stiff peaks form. Reserve.

    In a third bowl, whisk the remaining sugar with the butter, egg yolks and vanilla with an electric mixer. At low speed, add the dry ingredients alternately with the milk.

    Stir a quarter of the meringue into the dough to lighten it. Using a spatula, fold in the rest of the meringue, folding gently. Pour into the mold.

    Bake for about 45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean. Turn out immediately and let cool completely.

  • Strawberry

    Cut the strawberries into nice thick slices.  Combine all of the ingredients in the recipe as well as the sliced basil. 

    Gently combine all of the ingredients and let infuse for a few minutes.

  • Vanilla Chantilly

    Get your bowl with the cream out of the fridge, add the vanilla and sugar. Whisk it until nice and thick, not too thick. We just want to be able to hold it over our head without it falling.

    Keep in the fridge.

  • Plating

    Cut each cake in 2 like a burger bun.

    Place a disc of biscuit in a plate.

    Spread a layer of cream, then have a layer of the strawberriy salad over it.

    Place the top of the cake halfway over the stawberries.

    Garnish with a little more cream, a few basil leaves and dust everything with icing sugar.

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The temperature is just an indication. You might have to adjust it depending on the oven.


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