Creole fish court-bouillon with giraumon

White fish, Fish, Seafood & Shellfish


Pay attention to the variety of hot pepper you use in the sauce , it could make the dish too spicy.


Recipe for 4 portions


150 Gr
Butternut squash
1 Unit(s)
Yellow oignon
3 Clove(s)
400 Ml
Jasmine rice
600 Ml
Vegetable stock
1 Sprig(s)


4 Unit(s)
Sole fillet
1 Unit(s)
1 Tsp
Sriracha sauce
1 Clove(s)


3 Unit(s)
Italian tomatoes
2 Unit(s)
Yellow oignon
4 Unit(s)
Green onion
2 Clove(s)
1 Sprig(s)
1 Sprig(s)
1 Leaf(ves)
Bay leaf
1 Tbsp
Tomato paste
300 Ml


1 Unit(s)
Red hot chili
1 Unit(s)
1 Clove(s)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Vegetable oil

Preparation time: 75 min

  • Preparation

    Wash the vegetables, then cut the tomatoes and onions into cubes for the court-bouillon.

    Chop the onion for the rice.

    Peel and cut the squash into small cubes.

    Chop the green onions.

    Chop the garlic cloves and make sure to keep them separate for different preparations.

    Chop the parsley and squeeze the limes.

    Finely chop the chilli for the sauce.

    Make the marinade by mixing the juice of a lime, a chopped garlic clove, salt, pepper and the hot sauce. Place the sole fillets in this marinade for at least an hour.

  • In a saucepan, pour a drizzle of oil and sweat the onion with the squash for a few minutes.

    Add the rice, garlic, thyme and stir for a minute, then add the vegetable broth.

    Cover and cook over low heat for 25 minutes.

    Check the seasoning before serving.

  • Court bouillon

    In a pot, brown the onions, parsley, garlic and tomatoes.

    Mix and cook for 5 minutes over low heat.

    Add the tomato paste, water, thyme and bay leaf, simmer for a few minutes and adjust the seasoning.

    Add the fish with the marinade, then cook for 10-15 minutes.

  • Sauce

    Make a sauce by mixing the lime juice, garlic and chopped hot pepper.

  • Plating


    In a plate, place a portion of squash rice at the bottom and serve a fillet of fish on top.

    Complete your plates with a little court-bouillon cooking juice and the sauce.

Pay attention to the variety of hot pepper you use in the sauce , it could make the dish too spicy.

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