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gourmet beef hanger toast aaa cooked on charcoal; country bread, candied onion and arugula, parmesan spicy mayo

BBQ, Brunch, Salted, Vegetables and Fruits, Beef

A slice of country style bread, toasted and garnished with confit onions and smoked Beef tenderloin.  Accompanied by an arugula salad.


If you do not have a plancha, you can always do the onions in a pan on your stove top.


Recipe for 2 portions


150 Gr
Beef flank steak
50 Ml
Soy sauce
50 Ml
Balsamic vinegar


1 Unit(s)
1 Clove(s)
2 Sprig(s)

Bread and garnish

2 Slice(s)
Country bread
1 Handful(s)
Arugula leaves


3 Tbsp
0.50 Tsp
Chili paste (sriracha)
0.50 Tbsp
Grated parmesan
  • Butter
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil
 Gourmet beef hanger toast AAA cooked on charcoal; country bread, candied onion and arugula, Parmesan spicy mayo

Preparation time: 30 min

Preheat your barbecue at 500 °F

  • Things to do before the workshop


    Peel and chop the garlic.

    Wash the vegetables.

    Equipment list

    1 cutting board

    1 chef knife + 1 paring knife

    2 mixing bowls

    1 pair of tongs

    1 wooden spoon

    1 pastry sheet + parchment paper

    1 pan


  • Preparation with the chef

    Cut the beef into 2 portions and leave to marinate in a mixing bowl with the soy sauce and balsamic vinegar.


    Grate the parmesan. 

    Mince the onions and mince the thyme.

  • Cooking the beef

    Remove the beef from the marinade and remove the excess liquid with the help of paper towel. 

    Sear the beef on all sides on the hottest part of your barbecue.  Finish cooking the beef with indirect heat by lowering the heat of the barbecue or placing them on the upper rack of the barbecue.  You want the internal temperature to read 48° C.

    Let the beef rest for 3 minutes before serving.  

  • Onions

    On your plancha or in aluminium foil, gently cook the onions with the thyme, salt and pepper.  Let the onions caramelize lightly.

  • Mayonnaise

    In a bowl, place the mayonnaise, delicately add the sriracha, add more if necessary, finish with the Parmesan.

    Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper. Store the sauce in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

  • Bread and plating

    Rub the bread with the olive oil and grill on the barbecue. 

    On each piece of toast, place the onions followed by the beef, mayonnaise and garnish with arugula.

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If you do not have a plancha, you can always do the onions in a pan on your stove top.

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