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the four quarters with apples

Brunch, Vegetarian, Sweet, Biscuit Dough, Fruits

A traditional cake, simple to make and even simpler to eat !


You can use any fruit of season that can take some heat.


Recipe for 1 cake

The batter

200 Gr
200 Gr
200 Gr
4 Unit(s)
8 Gr
Baking powder
0.50 Tsp
Baking soda
1 Tsp
Vanilla extract
3 Unit(s)
Golden delicious apple
75 Gr
Brown sugar

Preparation time: 45 min

Preheat your Oven at 390 °F

  • To prepare before class


    Cutting board, peeler, pairing knife.

    Make sure all your ingredients are weighed.

    Make sure your butter is well tempered, left over night on the counter is perfect.

    Get your eggs out an hour before class, this will facilitate mixing.

    Make sure you have a bit of melted butter to butter your mould and cooking paper also.


    Cake mould, ideally 23 cm or 9 inches, removable bottom.

    A bowl

    An electric mixer

    A Whisk

    Clean rags

    Rubber spatula



  • Prep

    Peel and slice the Golden apples.

    Make sure your butter is tempered, nice and soft.

  • The Apple Cake

    In a bowl, break in your eggs and add the sugar. Mix this mixture by hand (whisk) or with an electric mixer until it slightly thickens.

    Add in half of the flour and whisk until you get a smooth mixture.

    Add half the amount of tempered butter. Mix again folding in your mixture gently.

    Continue with the second half of the flour, repeat with the second half of butter also.

    Finally, add the Baking Powder, Baking Soda and Vanilla Extract. Mix one last time, the mixture needs to be smooth and homogenous.

    Let the batter rest on the counter for about 10 minutes, activating the Baking Powder and Soda.

    In your cake mould, butter all it's surface on the inside. Put in a piece of cooking paper that you will also butter. (Better safe than sorry right ?)

    Then you can finally add in your beautiful apple slices on the bottom of your mould, make it pretty. Sprinkle the apples with brown sugar.

    Delicately poor your batter on top of your apples, make it nice and straight with a spoon or spatula.

    Place it in the oven at 380F for 10 minutes, then lower the heat to 340F for 30 minutes. Confirm that your cake is well cooked with the blade of a pairing knife, if it comes out clean, shiny and hot, it's ready !


    Let rest on the counter until nicely tempred for tasting :)

You can use any fruit of season that can take some heat.

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