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Foie gras cooked sous-vide, stewed onion with cranberry juice, fleur de sel, brioche toast

Vegetables and Fruits, Duck

Foie gras evokes festive events. You'll be sure to enjoy it with this technique.


Recipe for 12

Sous-vide foie gras

1 Kg
Frozen deveined lobe of foie gras
14 Gr
1 Gr
Malabar black pepper
1 Gr
4 spices powder
75 Ml
Port wine
3 Gr

Stewed onions

4 Unit(s)
375 Ml
Cranberry juice
1 Tsp

Brioche bread

4 Thick slice(s)
Brioche bread
4 Unit(s)
Pea sprouts

Preparation time: 120 min

Preheat your Vaccum at 134.6 °F

  • Foie gras preparation

    Lightly press the lobes with your fingers, sprinkle the seasoning all over them.

    Leave the lobes to marinate at least 15 minutes (ideally over night)

    Put the lobes back together and roll them in cling film to make an even and tight roll. 

    Place in the freezer for a few hours so it wont deform once vacuum sealed.


  • Foie gras cooking process

    Fill up your tank with water, it must reach 55°C. Let it cook for an hour, then put it IMMEDIATELY in an ice bath to stop the cooking process.


    You absolutely need a thermal shock to stop the cooking process. The center of the foie gras must be cooked at 54/55°C.

  • Stewed onions

    Peel and slice the onions, sweatthem in a pan with a little butter and oil, add salt. We dont want coloration here.

    Pour the cranberry juice in, add the sugar and leave to simmer on low heat so the onions absorb the juice.

    Once stewed, put the onions in a jar in a fridge. They must be served cold.


  • Brioche

    In a frying pan with some butter, toast the brioche slices. Make sure they're nicely colored on both sides.

    If needed, clean the sprouts.

  • Plating and last touch

    Pass your knife under hot water to make nice slices of foie gras (about 5mm).

    Delicately place the slice on the plate and then some stewed onions.

    Slice the brioche bread in triangles, place on the plate and finish with some pea sprouts and some "fleur de sel".

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