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Minute beef with tri-coloured peppers, spicy cream sauce and blue cheese pureed potatoes

Mains, Beef, Vegetables and Fruits

A quick recipe with a Beef Stroganoff influence.

A beautiful pop of colours from the peppers really make this dish stand apart.


Recipe for 4 persons


480 Gr
Hanger steak
1 Unit(s)
Yellow pepper
1 Unit(s)
Red pepper
1 Unit(s)
Green pepper
2 Unit(s)
Jalapeno pepper
0.50 Head(s)
3 Tbsp
150 Gr
400 Ml
35% cooking cream
120 Gr
Blue cheese
500 Gr
Yukon gold potatoes
1 Sprig(s)
1 Unit(s)
2 Sprig(s)

Preparation time: 30.00 min

  • Preparation

    Cut the beef into 1 cm cubes. Chop the basil. Cut the bell peppers into fine julienne strips, discarding the seeds and the stems. Cut the jalapeno into brunoise (small cubes.)

  • Pureed potatoes

    Place the whole potatoes, with a lemon cut in two and a few branches of thyme into a pot of cold salted water. Bring to a boil and then simmer until the potatoes or cooked (verify by testing the potato with the tip of a knife, if it enter and exits without resistance then it is ready).

    Drain the potatoes and, while still warm, peel them.

    Place them in a large mixing bowl and mash them using a masher. Add the butter and cheese, then mix and season to taste. Continue mixing until you have a smooth, homogenous, mixture.

  • The meat

    1st step

    In a hot pan with oil, quickly sear the cubed beef, season with salt and pepper. Do not over crowd the pan, do this in multiple batches, if necessary. This will ensure a nice colour without overcooking the meat. This should be a quick process. Reserve the beef on the side.

    2nd step

    In the same pan, sautee the julienned peppers, the jalapeno and the garlic. After about a minute add the beef, mix all the elements well and then att the cream. Cook for 2 more minutes, season to taste, and serve immediately.

  • Plating

    Place a generous portion of the pureed potatoes in a round plate. Using the back of a spoon, create a nest in the middle of the potatoes. Put a nice spoonful of the beef and pepper mixture in the nest and top with the chopped basil leaves.

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