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Jalapeno stuffed with smoked cheddar cheese, maple syrup and basil, wrapped in bacon

BBQ, Salted

Tangy and full of great taste, one bite so you'll never have leftovers.


Select large peppers to make stuffing them easier.


Recipe for 12 Tapas

Stuffed jalapenos

12 Unit(s)
Jalapeno pepper
200 Gr
Smoked cheddar
2 Tbsp
Cream cheese
30 Ml
Maple syrup
0.50 Bunch(es)
6 Slice(s)

Preparation time: 30 min

Preheat your BBQ at 350 °F

  • Stuffed jalapenos

    Remove the stem from each pepper and remove the seeds.

    In a mixing bowl, combine the cheese, maple syrup and basil.

    Stuff the peppers with the cheese mixture.

    Wrap the peppers in bacon.

    Prepare sheets of aluminum foil to hold the jalapenos up while cooking.

    Smoke with indirect heat in your barbecue or on your smoker.

Select large peppers to make stuffing them easier.

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