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Chirashi bowl, fragrant rice, salmon, tuna, fish eggs, japanese omelette

Vegetables and Fruits, Salmon and tuna

An all flavored recipe filled with freshness, a tremendous omelette and delicate slices of raw fish will be keeping your palet occupied and joyful!


Recipe for 4


500 Ml
Jasmine rice
15 Gr
10 Gr
60 Ml
Rice vinegar

Tuna & Salmon

300 Gr
Salmon filet skin-off
150 Gr
Yellowfin tuna

Spicy mayonnaise

125 Ml
Spicy mayonnaise
100 Ml
Yuzu juice
60 Ml
Soy sauce


4 Pinch(es)
Black sesame seeds
3 Unit(s)
Green onion
2 Unit(s)
25 Gr
Japanese pickled ginger
1 Unit(s)
English cucumber

Japanese Omelette

5 Unit(s)
50 Ml
35% cooking cream
5 Gr
120 Gr
60 Ml
Cold water
60 Ml
60 Ml

Preparation time: 45.00 min

  • Mise-en-place

    Bring altogether the sugar, the rice vinaigre and the salt into a small pot and bring to a boil. As soon as the boiling point is there, take it off the heat and reserve into a bowl.

    Peel the spring onions

    Sieve the marinated ginger.

  • Rice

    In an ideal situation, cook the rice into a rice cooker if not follow these steps;

    1- Wash the rice under cold water and make sure the water that's coming out is clear

    2- Put the rice into a medium stewpot and add the same quantity of cold water.

    3- Bring to a boil, lid on, and cook it at maximum temperature for 5mins.

    4- Put the heat down to medium and let it cook 5mins.
    5- Then, on low heat cook everything another 10mins.
    6- Take it off and let the rice rise and bloat for a good 10 to 20mins.

    In a bowl, pour generously the rice vinaigre mixture and mix it well, gently.

    Add the sesame seeds.


  • Tuna & salmon

    Slice the both of them into 1/4inch thin slices. Reserve.

  • Sauces

    Use a homemade mayonnaise or a pre-made one to be adding Sriracha and the sweet chili sauce. Up to your likings.

    In a small pan, bring to a boil the yuzu juice and the soya sauce. Then on low heat, let everything reduce slowly until there is a syrupy texture. 

  • Garnishes

    Cut the avocado in two, take the core out and the skin. Slice it thinely.

    While keeping the skin on, make a brunoise out of the cucomber.

    The spring onion finely cut into bevel that we call sifflets.

  • Japanese Omelette


    In a saucepan, put the sugar, the salt, the water, the miring and the saké and mix everything well with a whisk. Make sure not to bring to a boil.


    In a bowl, put the eggs and mix them well. Then add a tablespoon worth of the mix you just made per egg, in the omelette. Then add the cream and mix again.

    In a silicone mold, pour the omelette mixture in a cm thick and cook everything in a bain-marie at 300F for 40-50mins or up until everything is properly cooked through.

    Take the omelettes off the oven and put them in the freezer as it will be easier to take them off.

    Cut them into the desired shapes.

  • Montage

    Tuck the rice at the very bottom of a bowl and lay down the fish's slices, one salmon, one tuna and so on. Alternate. Put the garnishes at the center. Done & enjoy!


Make sure to cook the rice with the lid on for the entire process! This is absolutely crucial!

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