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Porto and 4 spice foie gras terrine, cointreau coulis and caramelized apple

Salted, Foie gras, Duck, Gluten free

Impossible to miss this glorious recipe if you follow properly our step-by-step guide. It is both delicious and especially festive during this time of year. Christmas!


Recipe for 4

Foie gras terrine

1 Kg
Frozen deveined lobe of foie gras
14 Gr
1 Gr
Freshly ground black pepper
1 Gr
4 spices powder
75 Gr
Port wine
3 Gr

Caramelized apples

2 Unit(s)
Golden delicious apple
3 Tbsp
Brown sugar
2 Unit(s)
Lemon juice
4 Oz
  • Butter
  • Salt and pepper
Porto and 4 spice foie gras terrine, Cointreau coulis and caramelized apple

Preparation time: 720.00 min

Preheat your Oven at 325.00 °F

  • Mise-en-place

    On a tray, place all the foie gras, flat, NOT one on another. Pour all over the seasoning and the spices then let it sink that all in for at least 30mins at room temperature and if possible, all night.

    Peel the apples and chop them in 6 pieces each.

  • Cooking the foie gras

    Cook the foie gras for 12-15mins in a 325F oven. The foie gras should start melting slightly. If you are lucky enough to have a thermometer, the temperature, at the core should be at 50C, no more than that. Pour everything inside a 20CM mold, with a cello paper, especially all the fat that's been left on the tray. Another cello paper on top of the terrine, once it has cooled down for 20mins in the fridge then a light weighting object on top of it to tight it a little. 36 to 48h resting time in the fridge before serving.

  • Caramelized apples

    Throw everything in, one shot. Make sure to control the heat so the apples are cooking while the caramel is forming and not burning. 

  • Montage

    In a rectangular plate, if you have, place a couple of pieces of caramelized apples close to one another, a good and slick slice of foie gras on top. The remaining apple caramel juice all over and the maldon salt or fleur de sel here and there.

Good foie gras quality is the key. You cannot go around this one, if you foie gras is medium or even bad graded, forget it. It has to be able to sustain the 325F without melting too much while augmenting its core temperature.

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