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Red beets spaetzels and pionner quebec cheese like a risotto, portobello mushroom foam of milk, sage

Brunch, Vegetarian, Cheese, Vegetables and Fruits, Risotto, Pasta and Rice


Recipe for 4


500 Gr
Wheat flour
5 Unit(s)
250 Ml
Beetroot juice
5 Gr

Foam of milk

175 Ml
175 Ml
35% whipping cream
25 Gr
145 Gr
Portobello mushroom


1 Unit(s)
White onion
50 Ml
Olive oil
200 Ml
Chicken stock
1 Tbsp
Mascarpone cheese
75 Gr
Cheese grated pionnier
6 Leaf(ves)
  • Butter
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil

Preparation time: 60.00 min

  • Prep

    Clean then dice the mushrooms.

    Peel and cisel the onion.

    Make a chicken broth and keep it warm.

    Grate the Pionner cheese.

    Chop the sage.

  • Spaetzels

    Mix beet juice with salt and eggs.

    Add the sieved flour and whip in your electric mixer for few minutes until smooth.

    Press the dough threw a perforated tray on top of a large volume of boiling water. Cook for about 2 or 3 minutes. the Spaetzels are cooked when they float. Remove form boiling water using a slotted spoon and plunge in ice cold water to stop the cooking process.

    Drain and put aside.

    Cook in a hot pan with a knob of butter to make them a bit crunchy before using them with the rest of the preparation.

  • Foam of milk

    Cook the mushrooms in a hot pan with a knob of butter. Keep almost half of the cooked mushrooms aside for the garmish at the end.

    Bring to a boil in a pot your milk and cream. Season with salt and pepper and add the rest of the mushrooms.

    Let infuse for few minutes and mix with a blender or a hand mixer.

    Filter threw to a fine mesh sieve and pour into a syphon. Add 2 gas cartridge and pt the syphon aside at room temperature until ready to serve.

  • Like a risotto

    Sweat the onion in olive oil and butter until clear.

    Deglaze with white wine and let reduce for 2 minutes. Add the crunchy Spaetzels and carefully mix using a wooden spatula. Add a ladle of chicken broth.

    Keep mixing and once the broth is absorbed add the mascarpone cheese while mxiing non stop.

    Remove from heat and season to taste.

    Add the grated cheese and butter. Mix well and serve.

  • Plating

    Serve in a shallow bowl one ladle of Spaetzel risotto, siphon the mushroom foam on top. Garnish with mushrrom and sage pieces.

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