Salmon gravlax tartare, lemon cream, sea salt country-style crostini

Tapas, Salted

Salmon gravlax cut as a tartare, platted on a grilled country bread, lemon cream cheese on the top.


Recipe for 12 Tapas

For the gravlax

400 Gr
Salmon filet
80 Gr
Coarse salt
80 Gr
Icing sugar
10 Gr
Fennel seeds
0.50 Bunch(es)
75 Ml
Ketel one lemon vodka

For the lemon cream

75 Gr
Cream cheese
40 Gr
35% cooking cream
0.25 Unit(s)
Lemon juice

For the toast

4 Slice(s)
Country bread
2 Pinch(es)
Fleur de sel
4 Turn(s)
Fresh ground black pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
Salmon gravlax tartare, lemon cream, sea salt country-style crostini

Preparation time: 30 min

  • For the salmon gravlax

    Mix the chopped dill with the fennel seeds, the salt and the sugar.

    Place the salmon skin side at the bottom on a backing tray with a parchement paper, put a good drizzle of vodka all over.

    Spread the salt mix all over the surface it should be everywhere.

    Put a saran wrap and let it seat in the fridge for 10 to 12 minutes. 

    Then rince the salmon under cold water.

  • For the lemon cream

    In a bowl, put the cream cheese, mix it with a spatula, add the cream, season it and mix it again. Add the lemon and mix it again, put it in a pastry bag with a small socket.

  • For the gravlax tartare

    Cut the salmon in small tartare, put it in a bowl with the yuzu, pepper, chives, and green onions, mix it well.

    Fill some ring balls 3.5 cm with the tartare, press it well and remove the ring ball to have nice cylindres.

  • For the crostinis
    Put the slices of bread on a backing tray, with a nice drizzle of olive oil, sea salt and Pepper and roast it in the oven until crispy, let it cool down out of the oven.
  • For the platting
    Lay down the tartare on the croutons, put some nice balls of cream everywhere, and finish it with some fresh chives.

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  • Salmon gravlax tartare, lemon cream, sea salt country-style crostini
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