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Grandma style chocolate mousse, chocolate bar, salted butter and passion fruit caramel |

A nice chocolate mousse covered with salty butter and passionfruit caramel. 


Recipe for 12 tapas

For the mousse

150 Gr
Dark chocolate
90 Ml
35% cooking cream
180 Gr
Egg white
30 Gr
1 Unit(s)
Egg yolk

For the salty caramel

100 Gr
35 Gr
Salted butter
100 Ml
Passion fruit

Dark chocolate tiles

200 Gr
Dark chocolate

Whipped cream

200 Ml
35% whipping cream
1 Unit(s)
Vanilla bean
Grandma style chocolate mousse, chocolate bar, salted butter and passion fruit caramel |

Preparation time: 60 min

  • For the mousse

    Place your chocolate in a bowl, on a bain-marie with on low heat. Heat your cream until boiling. Remove melted chocolate from the heat and pour the cream on it and mix well. In the mixer, whip the egg whites with the sugar until it gets thick. Add the egg yolk in the chocolate and mix well.  Combine the meringue and the chocolate in two batches, first time by whisking, second time by folding. Put the mousse in the serving dishes and transfer to the fridge for at least 1h.

  • For the chocolate

    The dark chocolate must be between 30°C-32°C. With a band of Rhodoid sheet, make the chocolate bands. When the chocolate is hard, break it in pieces. Reserve the chocolate in a dry and tempered room, no humidity at all.

    For a more fancy presentation, use two different sized ring molds and make discs or rings of different sizes.

  • Salty caramel with passion fruit

    In a pot, cook the sugar dry, until you reach a golden brown coloration. Add the butter and combine well. Add the warm cream and the passion fruit juice, whisk while boiling for two minutes until it gets smooth.

  • Whipped cream

    Scrape the seeds from the center of the vanilla bean.  In a cold bowl, combine the vanilla seeds and cold cream.

    Whip until you reach a nice whipped cream consistency.  Transfer to the fridge until ready to serve.

  • Plating

    In the serving dish with the chocolate mousse, Place your chocolate tiles or rings shiny side up.  With the help of a pastry bag, make nice little dots or dollops of whipped cream.  At the table, pour the caramel on top directly in front of your guests.

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