Chocolate four ways: creamy, crispy, crunchy and soft

Experience chocolate in four different textures, flavors and colors!!!


Recipe for 12 tapas

Chocolate Mousse

206 Ml
35% whipping cream
125 Gr
Dark chocolate

115 Gr
Slightly salted butter
125 Gr
Wheat flour
25 Gr
Cocoa powder

2 Unit(s)
Egg yolk
1 Unit(s)
120 Gr
8 Gr
Baking powder

Chocolate sauce

100 Ml
50 Gr
25 Gr
Cocoa powder

Chocolate crisps

350 Gr
Dark chocolate
1 Leaf(ves)
Chocolate four ways: Creamy, crispy, crunchy and soft

Preparation time: 20 min

  • Chocolate mousse

    Place your chocolate on top of a double boiler on low heat to melt the chocolate softly. Whip up the cream until it reaches a Chantilly like consistency. Once your chocolate is melted (and not to hot) fold in the whipped cream in 3 parts to keep as much air as possible in it. (This is ensure the best consistency for your mousse.

  • Breton cacao

    With a stand mixer, mix the egg yolks and sugar. Next add the butter and finally the dry ingredients. Once completely incorporated, place the mixture in a piping bag and put it in the fridge.

    Butter the ring molds and place them on a baking sheet with parchment paper. Fill them to 1/4 and then place the baking sheet in the oven. It should take roughly 15-20 minutes to cook, and they should be done with a nice golden brown color.

    Remove the ring molds as soon as you remove the sheet from the oven, wait 5 minutes, and then cut them in half, lengthwise.

  • Chocolate crisps

    Melt the chocolate on top of a double boiler and place the bowl of melted chocolate in the coolest room of your house. Once the chocolate reaches 30/32°C. Once the chocolate reaches the desired temperature it can be spread on plastic sheets and placed in the freezer for a few minutes so they harden. Once hardened, you can break off the pieces of chocolate to get the crisps the desired size to decorate your glasses.

  • Chocolate sauce

    In a sauce pan, pour the water, sugar and bring to a boil. Add the cocoa powder and whisk until it boils. Lower the heat to simmer and reduce the sauce until desired consistency.

  • Dressing

    Fill your serving glasses halfway with the chocolate mousse. Once it's set, pour on the top the ganache cream. Once the ganache has set, make a whole in the center of the creams and pour the chocolate sauce in the middle. Cover with a few chocolate crisps to add some height.

For the Rhodoid (plastic sheets) You can find different thicknesses at Omer DeSerres. (They are used to get different varieties of forms) The water in the double boiler must never boil! It can shock the chocolate!!!

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