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Veal burger, sundried tomatoes, olives, bocconcini, mayo mustard herb maille

Mains, Tapas, Salted, Burgers

Tiny burgers that are amazing when served as a tapas.


Recipe for 12 Tapas

For the burger

12 Unit(s)
Mini burger
300 Gr
Ground veal
3 Sprig(s)
1 Unit(s)
12 Unit(s)
Bocconcini pearls
4 Unit(s)
Sundried tomatoes
8 Unit(s)
Pitted kalamata olives
1 Unit(s)
Egg yolk
60 Ml
Olive oil
15 Gr
Maille fine herbs mustard

Preparation time: 30.00 min

  • Mise en place
    Finely chop the shallot and basil. Finely chop the sun-dried tomatoes and olives.
  • Preparation of the burger
    Combine shallot, half dried tomatoes, basil with minced veal. Season with salt and pepper. Form 12 small patties of equal size.Using a hot non-stick pan drizzle a little bit of olive oil and cook the patties 1 minute per side to seal in the flavors and the juicyness. Slice the burger buns in two and add half a mozzarella pearl and warm up the buns in the oven for a few minutes when ready to serve.
  • Preparation of the mayonnaise
    In a bowl, mix one egg yolk, the Maille herb mustard and lemon juice. Using a whisk, drizzle in the vegetable oil slowly while whisking constantly to emulsify the mixture until you get a firm mayonnaise. Season with salt and pepper. Mix mayonnaise with the remaining half of the dried olives and sun dried tomatoes.
  • To serve
    Place a basil leaf on the base of burger, add a piece of sundried tomato.Follow with the veal patties, slices of bocconcini and a touch of mayonnaise, then close with the top of the bun.To ensure that the burger holds it's shape, place a toothpick straight through the tiny burger.
Be careful not to over cook the patties.Spread the mayonnaise generously!! It will add a lot of flavor and creaminess to the burger.

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