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Crispy goat cheese parcel with fresh basil and honey

Tapas, Salted

Crispy phyllo dough stuffed goat cheese with apple, walnuts, honey and basil with salad greens and a lemon vinaigrette.
Note Mix your salad at the last moment to prevent acidity burning by the dressing.


Recipe for 4 persons

For the crispy phyllo

6 Unit(s)
Phyllo dough
50 Gr
300 Gr
Fresh goat cheese
1 Unit(s)
Golden delicious apple
40 Gr
1 Unit(s)
4 Sprig(s)
60 Ml

For the salad and the dressing

10 Ml
Dijon mustard
30 Ml
Lemon juice
30 Ml
Vegetable oil
30 Ml
Olive oil
5 Sprig(s)
4 Handful(s)
Arugula salad
  • Salt and pepper

Preparation time: 30.00 min

Preheat your four at 400.00 °F

  • To serve
    Serve a portion of salad in each bowl and place a phyllo parcel on top and finish by drizzling with honey.
  • Preparation of the dressing
    In a large bowl, mix Dijon mustard with lemon juice.Stir in vegetable oil and olive oil while whisking. Season with salt and pepper.In a large bowl, mix lettuce with chopped basil leaves and season your lettuce with dressing.
  • Preparation of crispy phyllo parcel
    Using a pastry brush, brush each sheet of phyllo with melted butter. Stack 3 leaves with butter inside. Repeat the operation with the left over sheets.Cut phyllo into 2 squares.Place the cheese filling in the center of each square of phyllo pastry.Seal your square so as to form bundles. Tie the bundle with 2 chives.Cook your parceles in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes. They should be golden brown.
  • Preparing the goat cheese stuffing
    In a bowl, using a fork, beat the goat cheese.Gradually add the following ingredients: shallots, apple and walnuts.Season with salt and pepper. Reserve.You can mix the goat cheese with a little cream for your convenience.
  • General preparation
    Cut the apple into small cubes. Crush the walnuts. Chop the shallot. Chop the basil leaves.
Mix your salad at the last moment to prevent acidity burning by the dressing.

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