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Exotic fruit tartare topped with orange blossom water and caramelized crispy rice

Exotic fruit tartare topped with orange blossom water and caramelized rice crispy.


Recipe for 4 persons


0.50 Unit(s)
1 Unit(s)
Fresh mango
1 Unit(s)
1 Tbsp
Orange blossom water
3 Tbsp

Rice crispie crunch

100 Gr
Rice crispies
100 Gr
1 Tbsp

Preparation time: 30 min

  • Fruit tartare

    Finely dice the pineapple, mango, apple, kiwi and bananas. (it's imperative that the fruits be cut in the best manner possible. The entire dish depends on this). Juice the lemon.

  • Marinade of the tartare

    In a large bowl, combine the cubed fruits and add the lemon juice, honey and orange blossom water. (do this 1 hours ahead if possible)

  • Caramelized rice crispies

    In a small saucepan, add the sugar and set the heat to medium. Cook the caramel until you obtain a light brown color. Once the desired coloration is reached, add the butter to stop the caramel from browning further. Add in the rice crispies and mix while folding gently until they are well coated. Spread the cereal on a cutting board and let them sit until they cool and harden. Once cooled, they can be cut using a cookie cutter or a knife.

  • To serve

    In a plate, place a chunk of rice crispie and top with a cookie cutter. Fill the cookie cutter up with the fruit tartare and remove the cookie cutter and serve immediately.

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