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Awaye Don

Original cocktails & ingredients, Fizz

A full-flavored pink drink...


Recipe for 1 Cocktail

0.50 Oz
Ginger liquor
0.50 Oz
Rose syrup
0.50 Oz
Lemon juice
2 Oz
Red cranberry juice
1 Oz
Gin neige
1 Oz
Grapefruit perrier
  • Ice
  • In a shaker, pour all  the other ingredients out, EXCEPT the Perrier and add the ice.

     Shake well for 8 to 10 seconds.

    Pour the mix out, into a Fizz glass.

    Complete your glass with the Grapefruit Perrier.

Cocktails glasses

  • Fizz glass
    Fizz glass

Method of preparation

  • Shaker

Add a thyme srig on the top of your glass...

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