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Insuline Cocktail

Herbaceous Cocktails, Classic cocktails variations

In Novo Nordisk's honor.


Recipe for 1 cocktail

3 Leaf(ves)
0.50 Oz
Lemon juice
0.50 Oz
Elderflower syrup
0.25 Oz
Martini dry
1 Oz
Ketel one vodka
1 Dash(es)
Blue curaçao
  • Ice
  • Pour all ingredients in your shaker, except fresh basil and blue curaçao. Lightly spank the basil, then put it inside your shaker. Add ice, then shake with energy for 8 to 10 seconds. Strain your cocktail in an Old-Fashioned glass filled with ice. Add a dash of blue curaçao, to obtain a delicate shade off.

Cocktails glasses

  • Old-Fashioned

Method of preparation

  • Shaker

Add a nice basil leaf on top of your cocktail.

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