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Sailor Citrus

Cocktails & exotic flavors

A Ma Ta variation with Sailor Jerry Rum..


Recipe for 1 Cocktail

0.50 Oz
Lemon juice
4 Piece(s)
Pink grapefruit
0.50 Oz
Rose syrup
Ginger ale
1 Oz
Cranberry/raspberry juice
1 Oz
Sailor jerry rum
  • Ice
  • In a Masson Jarr, crush the Grapefuit pieces, with the rose syrup and the lemon juice. Pour all the others ingredients out (excpet the Ginger Ale!) and fill it up with ice. Shake well for 8 to 10 seconds. Add the Ginger Ale to finish.

Cocktails glasses

  • Mason jar
    Mason jar

Method of preparation

  • Muddler

Add a nice grapefruit zest on the top of your Masson Jarr

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