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Exotic flavors

An original and estival cocktail !


Recipe for 1 cocktail

0.50 Oz
Lemon juice
0.50 Oz
Watermelon syrup
1.25 Oz
Ketel one vodka
2 Oz
Watermelon juice
2 Oz
White cranberry juice
3 Unit(s)
Watermelon balls
1 Tsp
Bleueberry, rasberries and strawberries mix
2 Leaf(ves)
  • Ice
Premium One
  • First stepp, you've got to take of the pulp of the mini watermeon. You can use a ball spoon to make some watermelon balls. With the rest mix in a blender for having a nice and fresh watermelon juice.After that, pour all the other ingrédients in a shaker. Add ice and shake well during 8 to 10 seconds. Pour the totality of your shaker into the empty mini watermelon.....

Cocktails glasses

  • Wine glass
    Wine glass

Method of preparation

  • Shaker

You can put some basil leaves...

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