Tuna poke bowl, spicy mayo, edamame, sesame, green onion

Gluten free, Salted, Vegetables and Fruits, Risotto, Pasta and Rice, Salmon and tuna

So tasty this hawaian poke bowl|


Recipe for 12 Tapas


500 Ml
White rice
500 Ml
60 Ml
Rice vinegar
100 Gr
Edamame (soybeans)
30 Gr
Japanese pickled ginger
1 Tbsp
Sesame seeds
360 Gr
Fresh tuna
2 Unit(s)
Green onion
4 Tbsp
Fries scallions

10 Gr
15 Gr


1 Unit(s)
Egg yolk
1 Tsp
Dijon mustard
1 Unit(s)
Lemon juice
1 Tsp
Sriracha sauce
  • Salt and pepper
  • Vegetable oil
Tuna Poke bowl, spicy mayo, edamame, sesame, green onion

Preparation time: 30 min

  • Prep

    Cook the edamame in a large pot of boiling salted water for 4 minutes.

    Slice the tuna in 2 to 3 mm slices thick.

    Cisel the ginger and the green onion.

  • Rice

    Cook the rice in a pot with a lid for 14 minutes.
    Remove from heat and leave aside for 5 minutes.

    Season when still warm with sugar, salt and rice vinegar.

  • Mayonnaise

    Mix the egg yolk with mustard and leave aside for 5 minutes.
    Mix non stop with a whisk slowly adding the oil.
    Add the lemon juice and the sriracha sauce and season to taste with sea salt and white ground pepper.

  • Plating

    In the bottom of your plate, put some rice with spicy mayo, add more rice.

    Add 3 slices of tuna, ginger, edamame and more spicy mayo.

    Garnish with green onion, sesame seeds and fried shallots.

You can use salmon or another fish instead of tuna!

Vous pouvez aussi le présneter sous forme de plat pour 4 pers.

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