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cassolette of chicken stew with vegetablesd

Vegetables and Fruits, Poultry

A cooking technique that is classic french.  Often seen with veal, this variation uses chicken as a base.

Notice you will be using another white meat, preferable when cooking by Expansion exactly like the traditional blanquette of veal.

Here we will be adding a concentration cooking technique which makes this a mixte cooking method.


Recipe for 4

Chicken blanquette

2 Lb
Boneless chicken thigh
2 Unit(s)
2 Unit(s)
1 Lb
Button mushrooms
1 Lb
Frozen green peas
1 Tsp
2 Leaf(ves)
Bay leaf
1 Tsp
5 Sprig(s)
50 Gr
50 Gr
Wheat flour
1 Liter(s)
Chicken stock
2 Unit(s)
Egg yolk
100 Ml
35% cooking cream
1 Unit(s)
Lemon juice
8 Sprig(s)
  • Salt and pepper

Preparation time: 45.00 min

Preheat your Oven at 400.00 °F

  • Preparation

    Cut the chicken into cubes.

    Peel the onions and carrots.  Brush the mushrooms or wipe them with a damp cloth.

    Mince the onion and slice the carrots diagonally to roughly 3mm in thickness.

    Slice the mushrooms and finely slice the chives.  Pluck the thyme leaves.

  • Chicken blanquette

    In a hot sauce pot with oil, sear the chicken and seaso nwith salt.  Once seared sprinkle with flour and stir.  Add the onions, carrots and mushrooms.

    Stir again and then add the chicken broth, bay leaves, cloves, nutmeg and thyme.  Let simmer for 15-20 minutes.  Add the sweet peas.

    In a mixing bowl, whisk together the egg yolks, cream and lemon juice.  Add a laddle of hot chicken stock to the mixing bowl and mix well to combine.  Pour this mixture into the original sauce pot and stir well.  Taste and season accordingly.

    Once the sauce is sufficiently thick, transfer to the individual serving ramequins.

  • Plating

    Sprinkle with sliced chives before serving and make sure to serve nice and hot!

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