Beef rendang style (braised with coconut milk)

Mains, Beef

Originaly from Sumatra, beef rendang is one of the best braised beef dishes of all time!


Recipe for 4 persons

Rendang spice mix

2 Gr
Long pepper
2 Gr
White pepper
1 Gr
Ground cloves
2 Gr
Black cardamom
2 Gr
Black cumin
1 Gr
Wild andaliman pepper
1 Gr
Coriander seeds
0.50 Stick(s)
3 Unit(s)
Bird's eye chili

Rendang aromatic ingredients

4 Unit(s)
Kefir lime leaves
2 Unit(s)
3 Unit(s)
Salam leaves

White curry paste

200 Gr
White curry paste

Rendang Beef

650 Gr
Beef top blade
1 Liter(s)
Coconut milk
1 Liter(s)
Beef broth


0.50 Bunch(es)
Green onion
0.50 Bunch(es)
50 Gr
Fried oignons

Preparation time: 60 min

  • Rendang spice mix

    Combine all the spices and roast for 3-5 minutes then blend in a spice grinder or coffee grinder.  Set aside.

  • Beef Rendang

    In a large stock pot with a drizzle of vegetable oil, sweat the white curry paste and spice mix for 3-5 minutes.  Add the aromatic ingredients and cook for another minute.  Deglaze with the coconut milk and beef broth.  Add the beef cubes, bring back to a boil and then transfer to the oven at 300F for 3-5 hours or until the beef is falling apart.

  • Plating and garnishes

    Slice the green onions diagonally and finely slice the cillantro.

    In a bowl, make a bed of rice and then top with the rendang beef.  Finish by sprinkling with green onion, cillantro and fried onions.

Salam leaves are the Indonesian equivalent of Bay leaves, if you cannot find Salam leaves, feel free to replace with Bay leaves.

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