Shrimps and banana red curry, lemongrass stick, fresh pineapple basmati rice

Risotto, Pasta and Rice, Fish, Seafood & Shellfish

A trip to the heart of Martinique: shrimp with a slightly spicy red curry sauce.

Sweet notes as well as the aromas of rum and vanilla will complete this culinary voyage to the islands.

Have a good flight!


Recipe for 4

Red curry paste

2 Unit(s)
Chopped shallot
3 Clove(s)
Chopped garlic
3 Leaf(ves)
Kaffir lime
20 Gr
1 Stick(s)
5 Unit(s)
Red hot chili
1 Tsp
Shrimp paste
20 Ml
Cold water
30 Ml
20 Gr
Shrimp paste
20 Ml
Olive oil

Pineapple, rum and vanilla rice

200 Gr
Basmati rice
1 Unit(s)
2 Oz
Amber rum
1 Clove(s)
Vanilla bean


20 Unit(s)
Peeled medium shrimps
3 Unit(s)
Apple banana
1 Liter(s)
Coconut milk
200 Ml
Vegetable stock
1 Tbsp
Red cari paste
3 Unit(s)
Chopped shallot
  • Salt and pepper

Preparation time: 30 min

  • Red curry paste

    Place all of the ingredients in the food processor and blend until you reach a smooth paste.  Set aside.

  • The rice

    Cook the rice in a large pot of salted (10g/L) boiling water for roughly 20 minutes.  Strain and set aside.

    In a hot skillet with olive oil, cook the cubed pineapple, add the vanilla seeds and the rice.  Cook for a couple of minutes, stirring from time to time.  Deglaze with the rum.  Let cook for another few minutes stirring from time to time.

    Serve hot.

  • The shrimp

    In a hot skillet with olive oil, cook the shrimp with the shallots for a few minutes and then add the slices of banana.  Cook for another 2 minutes, add the red curry paste, the vegetable stock and the coconut milk and cook for roughly 5 minutes.  You should have a nice sauce.  Serve immediately.

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