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Grilled cheese lolly pops

Tapas, Salted

Grilled cheese lolly pops.
L'idée déco Swap out the cheese for different varieties if you wish to change the flavor.


Recipe for Tapas

Grilled cheese

6 Thick slice(s)
Soft bread
6 Slice(s)
Raclette cheese
12 Stick(s)

Preparation time: 15.00 min

  • Grilled cheese lolly pops.
    Using a round cookie cutter, cut circles into some soft bread until you have 48 pieces.Make your grilled cheese by adding the cheese in the middle. (make sure you cut it in slightly smaller circles than the bread. Afterwards, fry them in a pan with a little bit of butter until browned evenly. (make sure to press down on the grilled cheese so they become flat and crispy.Once they have cooled off, plant the lollipop stick in them and let them cool.
  • Presentation
    Using a piece of wood that has been pre-drilled with holes slightly larger than the lollipop sticks place the lollipops in them and serve immediately. Make sure they are all lined up straight for better look.It is suggested to warm the lollipops up in the over for a few minutes before serving.
Swap out the cheese for different varieties if you wish to change the flavor.

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