Viennese biscuit and caramel apples allspice

A delicate biscuit with almond paste and honey, accompanied by caramelized apples and a delicious spiced caramel sauce.


Recipe for 12 personnes

For the biscuit

200 Gr
Almond paste
60 Gr
50 Gr
90 Gr
Salted butter
3 Unit(s)
25 Gr
50 Gr
Wheat flour

For the apples

5 Unit(s)
Mcintosh apple
115 Gr
85 Gr

For the sauce

100 Gr
Cream 35%
1 Unit(s)
2 Unit(s)
Star anise
1 Unit(s)
5 Unit(s)
100 Gr
35 Gr
Salted butter

Preparation time: 30 min

Preheat your four at 350 °F

  • Preparation for the biscuit

    Using an electric mixer (with leaf attachment), combine the almond paste and sugar. Gradually add the honey and butter. Add eggs one at a time and then the alcohol. Using a plastic spatula, gently fold the flour and salt in to the mix. Transfer to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and butter. Bake for about 25 minutes.

  • Preparation for the apples

    Cut the apples into quarters. In a skillet, heat the butter and sugar and cook the apples in the caramel to get a golden brown color. Set aside.

  • Preparation for the sauce

    In a saucepan, heat the cream and spices. Infuse for a few minutes and then pass through a fine mesh sieve. In another saucepan, cook the sugar dry. When it reaches a golden brown, deglaze with the butter. Finish by adding the cream. Boil for 2 minutes, whisking constantly.  Set aside.

Wait until completely cooled before handling the cookie, it is rather fragile. The caramel sauce can be made with cold cream, but you would need to put the spices in the hot caramel and let infuse. Make sure the edges of your pan for the caramel is high enough, the sauce tends to overflow when adding the cream. Careful not to overfill.

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