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Beef flank skewers, summer vegetables, tyme and sea salt |


A beef flank skewer with green and red peppers, red onions, tyme and sea salt.


Recipe for 4 servings

For the beef skewers

480 Gr
Beef flank steak
1 Unit(s)
Red pepper
1 Unit(s)
Green pepper
1 Unit(s)
Red onion
6 Sprig(s)
15 Ml
Sea salt flakes
  • Salt and pepper
  • Vegetable oil

Preparation time: 45 min

  • For the preparations

    Put the skewers in cold water during your preparations time. Cut the beef flank in 32 cubes. Cut the peppers in cubes, about 2cm on 2cm size. Cut the redc onion in for pieces and seperate the layers. Chop the tyme finely.

  • For the skewers

    On the skewers, start by picking a piece of pepper, a piece of onion, and a cube of beef. Repeat this operation 4 times, we want 4 pieces of beef on each skewer. Put it on a baking tray, brush it with vegetable oïl and put some salt, tyme and fresh black crack pepper all around. Warm your grill really hot, and cook the skewers 1 minute on the four sides for a medium rare. Serve it with the sauce of your choice.

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