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Dessert Cocktails

For hazelnut lovers


Recipe for 1 Cocktail

For the cocktail

0.50 Oz
0.50 Oz
10 % cream
0.50 Oz
Caramel syrup
0.50 Oz
Frangelico hazelnut liquor
1 Oz
Smirnoff vanilla flavored vodka

For the syrup (1 liter)

500 Gr
500 Ml
  • Ice
  • For the cocktail
    In a shaker, pour all the ingredients out. Add the ice and shake well for 8 to 10 seconds. Pour the mix out, through a cocktail strainer, in a Martini glass.
  • For the syrup
    Let caramelized 250 g of sugar. Then, pour the water out and bring the mix to a boil. Stir it well to get a nice homogeneity. Add again 250 g of sugar and let it cooling down. Strain it out in a sterilized bottle.

Cocktails glasses

  • Cocktail glass
    Cocktail glass

Method of preparation

  • Shaker

Dip your glass in simple syrup or hazelnut syrup and in crushed hazelnuts...

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