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Cocktails classes 100% TERROIR

Friday 03 June18:00 to 20:00


100% Terroir with Cirka distillery !

Discover all the intricacies of the products here! Rich in its terroir, Quebec sees the birth of wonderful artisanal distilleries. With our 100% Terroir courses, we unleash our passion for these products, highlighting a different distillery at each course.


Gin Cirka

Vodka Cirka

Vodka Cirka Chili

  • Et là là C'est le Cirka apéro
  • South West !
  • Ça pique sur Cabot ...
In the space of 2 hours, you shall learn to concoct and sample 3 different cocktails, as well as 3 mouth-watering Terroir canapés in all their glory.

58$ / PERS
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