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Look, smell, taste… Ateliers & Saveurs will wake up your senses!
A bit of theory to better understand and appreciate; lots of practice and great discussion over a nice glass of wine... and voilà, you know the concept during our fun and friendly wine tastings.
For 2,5 hours, our passionate team of sommeliers will share its knowledge on a particular grape, region or on food and wine pairing.
The little extra : at the end of the class, you will receive by email all the technical sheets and informations about the wine you sampled… some material to share with your guests at home!
We only have to add one word : « Cheers ! »
starting at 60 $
Discover the art of oenology with a country or a specific region : California, Chili, Burgundy, Tuscany…
  • 2h30 of tasting
  • 6 sampled wines
starting at 60 $
Discover the differences in aromas on the same grapes from different countries : Cabernet, Syrah, Merlot, Pinot around the world …
  • 2h30 of tasting
  • 6 sampled wines
ACCORD METS & VIN (Food and wine pairing)
starting at 70 $
Wine is made to pair food, but what goes with what? This cross tasting will help you to find out about flavours pairing.
  • 2h30 of tasting
  • 6 sampled wines + food pairing
The workshops involve the use of alcohol and are only for people aged 18 or older.
Alcohol is dangerous for health consume with moderation.
Credit : Ateliers & Saveurs
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Upcoming Visit and the Chef Au Marche course... Just a quick note to say how much I am looking forward to my visit to Montreal next week and now the class that I just confirmed with Arnold! Thank you Arnold for being so very helpful over the phone and your offer to attend the class as I do not speak any French. My sisters and niece are all looking forward to hearing about the class. Our mother was ...
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